Hi everyone

Welcome to my website which will hopefully tell you a few things about me Jacquie Beltrao the Sports Presenter that you didn’t know; like I was born in Dublin and my Dad Jim had to change his nationality so i could get a British passport to compete for team GB at the Los Angeles Olympics. My favourite film is ‘In Bruges’, my favourite food is curry, which i make all the time and my favourite singer is Bebel Gilberto (she’s Brazilian)  I have worked at BSkyB for 18 years as a presenter, reporter and even in the press department. I am married to a big Brazilian, have three fantastic children, a cute rescue dog called Maddie and live in South West London. And I have a degree in Sports Science from the University of Birmingham.

As a Sports Presenter on Sky New’s breakfast showed called Sunrise I get up ridiculously early. It’s the thing people find most freaky about my job and it’s a bit of a conversation stopper “What you really have to get up at ten to 4 in the morning ?!” Yes I really do – there’s a lot to do. But once you are up it’s kind of pleasant. No traffic, no hassle and a quick journey to work. I once even saw a badger crossing Richmond Bridge – God knows where he was going.

It’s fun working at Sky and there’s a lot of banter. Our team of Eamonn Holmes and Charlotte Hawkins get on great, we socialise together and chat on the phone a lot, plus we get great guests on our sofa like JLS, Jedward, Carol Vorderman and The Hoff  – although not all at once.  I get to look at all the goals I couldn’t see the night before because I go to bed as early as my kids – 9pm, and I get to interview some very cool stars like Wayne Rooney, Roger Federer and David Beckham.

The main drama of my morning really has to be what to wear ? I am a fan of pencil skirts but what goes on the top is always a big decision, plus like most women, l tire of my clothes very quickly and I can’t bear being cold so they always have to have sleeves. As someone whose working day is over by 11am I have a big decision to make – to gym or not to gym – sometimes I do sometimes I don’t but when i get home I just love getting in a slobby tracksuit to chill (no one can see except the dog and she doesn’t judge !) and have nap. I have to catch up, I’m not one of these people who can keep going day after day on 6 hours sleep – sleep deprivation makes people very grumpy and gives you bad skin.

Plus the 3pm – 8pm part of my day is manic – what with picking up the kids, taking them to tennis/football/drama, feeding them (I nearly always cook from scratch)and walking the dog on Wimbledon Common, it’s sort of non stop. Thank God for Sky Plus and great telly like Madmen, Lost, Glee and Desperate Housewives – a great way to finish the day. Besides my husband, my children and my dog i do really love my TV !